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Pro: That those promoting self destruction should just do it already. Con: Those who agree with the concept of "too many people" must prove how it is helpful to the discussion in anyway.
Pro: They don't need men Con: they do need men
Pro: Yes, they should be sterilized Con: No, they shouldn't be sterilized
Pro: Gun control laws should be stricter Con: Gun control laws should not be stricter
Pro: Football should be banned Con: Football shouldn't be banned


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1. Bruce LaFayette Monthly:0DP Alltime:25DP 321KP
2. James Holiday Monthly:0DP Alltime:20DP 227KP
3. jay brown Monthly:0DP Alltime:15DP 2.2KKP
4. Tommy G Monthly:0DP Alltime:10DP 512KP
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9. Jaimee Dee Monthly:0DP Alltime:10DP 221KP
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1. Bruce LaFayette Alltime:25DP Monthly:0DP 321KP
2. James Holiday Alltime:20DP Monthly:0DP 227KP
3. jay brown Alltime:15DP Monthly:0DP 2.2KKP
4. Tommy G Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 512KP
5. Amrit Singh Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 512KP
6. Dave Maxwell Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 499KP
7. Emily Smart Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 414KP
8. Sven Graz Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 411KP
9. Jaimee Dee Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 221KP
10. Arvind Mishra Alltime:10DP Monthly:0DP 218KP